Optimizing OS X Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion Big
See our new Yosemite optimization guide!


So you have an Apple computer running OS X Mountain Lion that you want to use as a media server, and you want to get the best possible audio and video performance. I’ve got you covered. I’ll walk you through exactly what you need to do to disable memory resident programs that automatically load by default when OS X boots up. I’ll also show you how to turn off unused wireless control interfaces, such as infrared, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

How do these optimizations improve media performance?

When you disable unnecessary default resident programs and reallocate system resources, your computer does less switching, swapping, interrupting, and error correcting. Unused wireless control interfaces unnecessarily use system resources and corrupt data by radiating unwanted EMI “noise” requiring more switching, swapping, interrupting, and error correcting. Doing these optimizations translates into less bit read errors and more system resources which results in more fluid and coherent audio and video performance.

Most of these optimizations will work on any version of OS X from Snow Leopard to Yosemite. If you are using Yosemite go to our new optimizations guide.

Mojo Audio has been doing similar optimizations to our media servers for years. We discovered some of these optimizations, some were given to us by customers, we found some on computer audio forums, and we read about some in publications. We’d like to thank our many contributors who continue to share with us, making this one of the most comprehensive OS X optimization guides available.

Warning: I recommend that before making changes or doing updates of any kind to your Mac that you back up your existing system. I recommend using “cloning” software, such as Carbon Copy Cloner since it creates a bootable backup.

It’s a perfect use of your time . . . you can clone your boot drive while you review the rest of this guide.


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