Breaking In Cables and Components

Breaking in Cables and Components CROP


There seems to be a bit of controversy in regard to the performance of cables and components improving as they break-in. Some people claim to hear significant improvements in their gear over time, while others say they hear only subtle improvements, if any at all.

First, let me make a suggestion. If you really believe you can’t hear any performance improvements in your audio cables and components as they break in, I suggest one of the following websites might be more helpful to you than this blog:

But seriously, in my experience, break-in time makes significant differences in performance in any cable or component. In some products, especially those that have been hardened with cryogenic treatment, longer break-in time can make a huge difference. In this blog I’ll explain how this break-in phenomenon works and I’ll offer you a few tricks to make the process as fast and easy as possible. Continue…



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